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Every Box You Need To Check At A Property Inspection In Launceston

Launceston is home to some absolutely stunning homes. The property market is in very high demand as people flock from all over Australia to enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful historic homes sitting side-by-side with modern masterpieces. However, before you buy property anywhere, it’s essential that you know exactly what you’re investing your money into. Pre-purchase inspections in Launceston should be a top priority for anyone buying in the area. Fortunately, South West Property Inspections cover all your needs regarding property inspection in Launceston. You won’t need to run around contracting different businesses; we’ll handle your building and pest inspections in Launceston.

Building Inspections In Launceston

At South West Property Inspections, we take building inspections in Launceston very seriously. We believe every buyer should be completely aware of what they’re buying, so we make sure to conduct comprehensive building and pest inspections in Launceston. Our inspections ensure;

  • Doors and windows are structurally sound and functioning
  • There is no loose roofing or damaged gutters and downpipes
  • The property’s plumbing is entirely intact and there is no risk of damp or mould
  • Garages and garden sheds are structurally sound and compliant
  • There is no asbestos
  • Fences and retaining walls are all in good condition
  • In-roof and under-roof crawl spaces are entirely structurally sound

Our comprehensive building inspections in Launceston go room-by-room to check walls, floors, ceilings, plumbing, finishes, fixtures, fittings, roofs, and sub-floors. At South West Property Inspections, house inspections in Launceston are important to us. We want to ensure you’re thoroughly informed.

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Pest Inspection

Pest inspections are just as important as building inspections in Launceston. In fact, as the two are often inextricably linked, South West Property Inspections offer both building and pest inspections in Launceston as a combined package. We make sure to check for signs of;

  • Termites
  • Wood Rot
  • Borer
To identify whether or not the property has a pest problem, we look for key signs throughout our building and pest inspections in Launceston. We’re not just looking for current pest infestations either, we keep an eye out for signs of damage as a result of previous pest problems. Signs of a pest infestation may appear as;
  • Structural damage in the wood or walls
  • Decay or rot
  • Peculiar smells
  • Holes and signs of gnawing
  • Signs of nesting, both new and old
  • Droppings and discarded skin, wings, limbs, or tails

Do I Need Building and Pest Inspections In Launceston If I’m Buying A New Build?

The short answer is yes. However, what we will inspect will vary a little. South West Property Inspections organise and conduct house inspections in Launceston for existing homes and new builds, so no matter what you’re purchasing, we can help you. For new builds, building inspections in Launceston consist of;
  • Pre Slab inspections
  • Framing inspections
  • Pre-Lining Inspections
  • Waterproofing inspections
  • Lock up inspections
  • Practical Completion Inspections
  • Defect Liability Period Inspections

The Benefits Of Pre-Purchase Inspections In Launceston For Buyers

We can’t overstate the importance of a property inspection in Launceston. The team at South West Property Inspections have been conducting such inspections for years, so we’re well aware of the benefits of thorough house inspections in Launceston.
  • Save yourself money. Organising a comprehensive property inspection in Launceston may require an initial outlay. Without it, however, you run the risk of incurring tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. Pre-purchase inspections in Launceston allow buyers to identify issues and request they be repaired before they sign for the property, putting the cost back onto the seller.
  • Make informed decisions. If the seller isn’t willing to make repairs, you may decide it’s worth doing yourself. Alternatively, you may decide to pass and go for a different property. Either way, pre-purcahse inspections in Launceston allow you to make informed decisions.
  • Plan accordingly. Our house inspections in Launceston will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing everything that needs immediate repairs or will soon require repairs. There’ll be no hidden surprises for you anytime in the near future.

When You Need A Property Inspection In Launceston, Contact South West Property Inspections

At South West Property Inspections, our team have decades of experience in conducting thorough pre-purchase inspections in Launceston. We’re 100% committed to helping you make informed purchase decisions, and we’re renowned in the area for our professionalism, our commitment to customer satisfaction, and our comprehensive house inspections in Launceston. If you’re looking for premium-quality building inspections in Launceston, please don’t hesitate to reach out to South West Property Inspections for a consultation today.