Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection

Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection

This is the inspection that we recommend every prospective purchaser of existing property have completed. Not only is it the efficient option by combining multiple reports in to a single site visit, cutting time and cost, it also provides the best overall peace of mind that the property you intend to purchase is in sound condition with all defects identified.

A Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspection carried out by South West Property Inspections gets you a thorough inspection of the home and property; it covers all the major areas of the property, including the roof space; sub-floor; roof cladding, externally and internally, as well as the property within thirty metres of the main house.

Our Pre-Purchase Inspections thoroughly check all accessible areas of the home for termite activity and past damage, with a comprehensive survey of the property to assess the risk of future attack and provide treatment recommendations, where required.

South West Property Inspections - Inspection Tools

Pre-Purchase Inspection from South West Property Inspections will use modern technology to collect the information we need to provide detail on, major and minor defects with the property as well as any safety hazards. It will explain what each defect is, where that defect is and what is required to have it further assessed or rectified. Each defect will be accompanied by a colour photo of the defect. 

The report, based on the inspector’s knowledge and experience, combined with the number and type of defects found, will indicate the condition of the house in comparison to other houses of similar age and construction having been subject to regular maintenance.

If you are selling a property
It is also worth considering booking an inspection prior to putting a house up for sale as it will likely highlight areas that will be identified post offer and allow you to rectify them. This has a number of advantages including a higher sale price, smoother transaction, a quicker sale and less likely for price negotiations to take place after an offer is accepted, leading to a faster, less stressful transaction.