The Importance of a Pre-Slab Inspection

The Importance of a Pre-Slab Inspection.

When building a house there are many factor’s that need to come together to ensure the next trades work can be completed without manipulation, modification or compromise. This all starts with the concrete slab that the house is going to be built upon, get this wrong and depending on the mistake it could mean costly remediation works, delays or complete redesign of aspects of the home. 

It is common at this stage to identify minor issues that will have an affect the long term integrity of the slab but simple adjustments prior to pour can be made to rectify. But  on the odd occasion we come across defects that make us scratch our heads.

Case in point, we undertook an inspection in Marsden Park a while ago where we were the last check to be undertaken prior to an early morning Concrete pour. What we discovered saved our client and their builder a large amount of remediation work.  We think it may have been a case of classic Friday afternoonitits on the plumbers behalf, as they had managed to lay drainage stackwork in the center of the entrance hallway,  absolutely nowhere near where it should have been and toilet drainage for the powder room in the doorway rather than against the back wall.

The result was a simple phone call to the builder to alert him of our findings and the copy of our report sent to them to provide more detail. To this builder and plumbers credit, they returned on a Sunday to rectify the issue and the concrete pour was completed on Monday morning as scheduled.

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