Frame Inspections – The Bones of your home

One of the inspections we offer at South West Property Inspections is a Frame Inspection. The basis of this inspection is to assess the quality of construction of the frame prior to the commencement of brickwork, roofing and other elements of the home that rely on the frame being of acceptable construction in order to allow them to be constructed without defect.

We are often quizzed by clients if this inspection is really necessary as the frame can be seen at Pre-Lining Inspection. Whilst this is true the ability to identify defects and have them rectified gets much harder the further down the build process it gets.

During a recent Inspection in Spring Farm we came across the adjacent frame overhang defect. The Timber Framing Code AS1428.4 states that a maximum of 10mm overhang is considered acceptable. As you can see this section of Frame was overhanging and unsupported by 55mm.

The benefit of the client engaging us to conduct a Frame inspection is we were able to identify this defect prior to it being hidden by brickwork and the builder will now need to take steps to get an engineered solution to not only support the frame and the brick work as this overhang will have an effect on the slab to provide sufficient brickwork support.

If this had not been identified at this stage the rectification work to repair later in the build would have been both costly and time consuming.

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