Embracing drone technology

Drone technology has been around for a while now but it is advancing every day with safer, smaller, quieter drones coming to market and with the ever increasing mainstream use of these flying camera platforms being used at sporting events, weddings, capturing holiday snaps the stigma surrounding them is starting to disappear.

At South West property Inspections one of our core values is modern reporting so the use of this technology has been adopted and our clients are getting the benefits. 

We have the ability to photograph or video in 4K definition the areas that other inspection companies who have not embraced this technology cannot and technically are not required to in accordance with the Australian Standards. AS 4349.1-2007 Inspection of buildings – Pre-purchase inspections – Residential buildings states the following: 

The inspector shall inspect an elevated area only where—
(a) it is at a height at which safe reasonable access is available, or where safe and
reasonable access is otherwise available; or
(b) an unobstructed line of sight is present from safe use of a 3.6 m ladder and the
building elements present are close enough to allow appraisal.

In today’s society with building blocks getting smaller and the prevalence of two storey houses becoming the norm this becomes a major restriction on the ability for the Inspector to access the roof and undertake an inspection leaving the report incomplete. Whilst a report that does not include a roof inspection due to these restrictions is compliant it does allow the client an insight in to this critical component of the home.

By leveraging Drone technology we are able to provide information to our clients that allows them to have all the information they need about their purchase or be confident that their newly constructed home is of a quality product.

Unfortunately due to current CASA regulations around the use of drones and combined with a commitment to safely operate within these regulations there are certain area that we cannot currently utilize this technology based on location. CASA stipulates that drones cannot be flown within 5.5km of a controlled aerodrome which unfortunately prevents us from flying in suburbs such as Camden, Harrington Park, Oran Park, Spring Farm, Elderslie, Marsden Park and Box Hill due, to their proximity to controlled Airspace. While we are hoping these restrictions are eventually relaxed to allow low level use of drones, until that day we must comply with these restrictions.

If you would like to know more about our Inspections and how we might use this technology to provide you with  a complete and comprehensive Building Inspection Report, please Contact Us today.

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